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The Latest Retail Trend

How Personal Shopping and Curbside Pickup is Changing the Game In the past year, several national retailers, specifically grocery stores, have adopted a new model of personalized shopping and curbside pickup for their customers. Basically, consumers compile their orders online or through an app, and when they arrive at the location, an associate brings the […]

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How Mobile Processing Encourages Innovative Entrepreneurship

Mobile credit card processing is revolutionizing how our economy operates, allowing more people to break away from the risk associated with carrying cash. For years, places like farmers markets, food trucks, sports concessions and a slew of others all operated on a cash-only basis, which in turn, limited their customer base. Those days are fading […]

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Credit Card Processing Risk Management Solutions

Busy Seasons and Transaction Security—Are You Putting Your Customers at Risk? With summer only a couple of months away, now is a good time for seasonal or tourism-oriented businesses to give additional thought to secure payment processing. This hectic season brings an opportunity for profit and brand-building, but it also entices word-be thieves to take […]

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Are You Using The Best Card Processing Solutions?

Make Sure Your Merchant Account is the Best for Your Business At AVPS, we believe that continued discernment is what sets great entrepreneurs apart from the rest. As we approach tax time, now is the perfect time to take a second look at your options to see if you can get better rates, better service, […]

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How Your Small Business Can Benefit By Adding Mobile Processing

In the past, the AVPS team has talked about how mobile credit card processing has revolutionized innovative small business models. From food trucks to seasonal businesses, mobile processing removes the typical restrictions that keep entrepreneurs chained to traditional brick and mortar storefronts. This week, we want to look beyond even those innovators to the hidden […]

Fraud Prevention. Why This Issue Affects All of Us

Fraud Prevention. Why This Issue Affects All of Us

Credit Card Processing Risk Management The issue of secure payment processing is obviously a longstanding battle between banking institutions and thieves, but this is a problem that affects both business owners and customers as well. We often think of the effects of fraud on a singular level—how it affects us. However, with thieves and hackers […]