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How Mobile Processing Encourages Innovative Entrepreneurship

Mobile credit card processing is revolutionizing how our economy operates, allowing more people to break away from the risk associated with carrying cash. For years, places like farmers markets, food trucks, sports concessions and a slew of others all operated on a cash-only basis, which in turn, limited their customer base. Those days are fading […]

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Credit Card Processing Risk Management Solutions

Busy Seasons and Transaction Security—Are You Putting Your Customers at Risk? With summer only a couple of months away, now is a good time for seasonal or tourism-oriented businesses to give additional thought to secure payment processing. This hectic season brings an opportunity for profit and brand-building, but it also entices word-be thieves to take […]

Fraud Prevention. Why This Issue Affects All of Us

Fraud Prevention. Why This Issue Affects All of Us

Credit Card Processing Risk Management The issue of secure payment processing is obviously a longstanding battle between banking institutions and thieves, but this is a problem that affects both business owners and customers as well. We often think of the effects of fraud on a singular level—how it affects us. However, with thieves and hackers […]

Hacks Happening! But AVPS and SID Can Help!

Hacks Happening! But AVPS and SID Can Help!

We knew we’d have some “breachy” news to report this month — we always do — but little did we know how much! For starters, just up the boulevard from AVPS, L.A. Valley College decided to pay out $28,000 in BitCoin for a New Year’s Eve attack where ransomware captured their computers, or more specifically, […]

The Christmas Economy’s Home Stretch -- and One More Big Hack

The Christmas Economy’s Home Stretch — and One More Big Hack

Normally we like the holiday weeks to have more “genteel” posts, with a little holiday history, and some prognostications for the current economy and the new year. Well, okay, sometimes those prognostications aren’t necessarily “genteel,” given that the future can be a murky place, but all in all, we like to infuse some sense of […]


Credit Card Processing Risk Management Solutions

Keep the Grinch Away This Year—Protect Your Customers During the Busy Holiday Season As we head into the throes of the holiday season, you are preparing your business for the current influx of customers. You’re focused on inventory, logistics, customer service and maybe even extending your business hours to accommodate the growing crowds. However, for […]

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Protect Your Customers During the Busy Season By Focusing on Secure Transactions

Credit Card Processing Risk Management Solutions During this high-traffic season, businesses across the country will be more vulnerable than ever to hackers seeking to steal their customers’ financial information. Because of this, businesses need to take special care to ensure that they are providing the most secure payment processing possible. At AVPS, we believe that […]

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September of Our Year: Jobs Better, EMV Chugs Along

In theory, the days after Labor Day mark the beginning of “Fall.” In cooler climes, the unspoken rule about putting white clothing away until next Memorial Day may even apply. Here at AVPS Central, where we’re looking at temperatures in the mid-80’s for the next few weeks, we don’t worry about shorts, espadrilles, or crisp […]

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Study: Fraud Up Over 100% Since Last Labor Day

According to the latest AAA survey, “cheap gas prices are expected to boost Labor Day weekend travel as revelers pursue a last blast of summer fun before autumn weather begins. About 55 percent of Americans say they’re more likely to take a road trip this year due to lower gas prices.” While we’re not sure […]