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How Mobile Processing Encourages Innovative Entrepreneurship

Mobile credit card processing is revolutionizing how our economy operates, allowing more people to break away from the risk associated with carrying cash. For years, places like farmers markets, food trucks, sports concessions and a slew of others all operated on a cash-only basis, which in turn, limited their customer base. Those days are fading […]

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How Your Small Business Can Benefit By Adding Mobile Processing

In the past, the AVPS team has talked about how mobile credit card processing has revolutionized innovative small business models. From food trucks to seasonal businesses, mobile processing removes the typical restrictions that keep entrepreneurs chained to traditional brick and mortar storefronts. This week, we want to look beyond even those innovators to the hidden […]

mobile credit card processing

Discover Wireless Payment Solutions

Don’t Let a Remodeling Project Derail Your Business—Discover Wireless Payment Solutions If you are planning a significant remodeling project for your business, you probably face a common dilemma: Should you close for the duration, or should you attempt to remain open during construction? While remaining open is ideal for keeping financial continuity, it also creates […]


Do You Use Mobile Phone Credit Card Processing? What You Need to Know Now

Mobile credit card processing has opened up a world of opportunities for mobile-based businesses. In fact, even pop-up roadside stands now have the ability to accept payments. As the world moves away from cash-based transactions, mobile processing allows unique business models to gain and retain their customers by accepting credit card payments. However, with the […]

Of EMVs and Jackpots: Your Powerball Ticket Doesn't Need a Chip -- but Your Card Does

Of EMVs and Jackpots: Your Powerball Ticket Doesn’t Need a Chip — but Your Card Does

According to Forbes, “the hype around the Powerball far exceeds any market news this week,” and who are we to argue? Up through yesterday’s drawing, even number-crunching  agreed, saying “everyone is freaking out about the 1.5 billion Powerball.”  And, they add, “the stats agree.” Which stats? Well,  there were nearly “a billion tickets (more […]

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Is Your Business Ready for a Busy Holiday Season?—Why Mobile Processing Can Help You Serve Customers

The holiday shopping season is officially in full swing. Early bird shoppers have clamored to check gifts off their lists while others still bide their time, hoping for the best deal. The holiday season — and the “sale season” after — will bring an increase in customer traffic to your business. However, just getting them […]

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Think Beyond the Storefront—How Mobile Processing Can Expand Your Customer Base

While your brick-and-mortar business has been moderately successful, you may need to re-think how you approach expanding your customer base. Special events like farmer’s markets, fairs, community festivals, or even sports events sometimes welcome vendors across any genre. By taking your products and services out into the community, you open up your business to easy […]


Mobile Businesses Need The Right Mobile Payment Solutions

Mobile Businesses Need The Right Mobile Payment Solutions Whether you operate an up-and-coming food truck, or are a dedicated fixture at craft fairs, you know that operating a mobile business has its challenges. You are constantly on the move, and as you deal with the hustle and bustle of your customers, you are always looking […]

Embrace Technology with Mobile Payment Processing

If you are ready to build your business, grow your customer base, and reach new levels of success, it is essential to keep your eyes on innovation. The world is changing incredibly quickly and if you don’t do what you can to keep up, you are going to get left behind. Though you may maintain […]

Choosing the Right Credit Card Swiper for Your Business

As a business owner, you know that many customers prefer to make card payments. If you don’t have a tool for credit card processing, then it is likely that you are making your customers frustrated since they are unable to use their preferred form of payment. What Kind of Processing Terminal Do You Need? When […]