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of SID, the Fed, and EMVs

of SID, the Fed, and EMVs

Often, we wish the news would be otherwise: Surely something other than yet-another-lapse- in-data-security must be in the payments news cycle. Well there is. But there’s also the lapse. In payments news, we see that the Fed has issued a progress report on its previously announced “Strategies for Improving the US Payment System”,  a plan […]

Fraud Prevention. Why This Issue Affects All of Us

Fraud Prevention. Why This Issue Affects All of Us

Credit Card Processing Risk Management The issue of secure payment processing is obviously a longstanding battle between banking institutions and thieves, but this is a problem that affects both business owners and customers as well. We often think of the effects of fraud on a singular level—how it affects us. However, with thieves and hackers […]


Credit Card Processing Risk Management Solutions

Keep the Grinch Away This Year—Protect Your Customers During the Busy Holiday Season As we head into the throes of the holiday season, you are preparing your business for the current influx of customers. You’re focused on inventory, logistics, customer service and maybe even extending your business hours to accommodate the growing crowds. However, for […]

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The “October Country” is also “The EMV Country”

…or at least, it’s “EMV Anniversary” time. Last year, in October, it was the “liability” swtich that mandated merchants switch to EMV-capable POS devices, or be left to reimburse any card fraud expenses themselves. In a Money Magazine look back from the one year vantage point, they note there are now “two million active chip-reading […]

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How Fraud Affects Your Customers and Why You Need EMV Processing

As a business owner, you know that secure payment processing is important, yet far too many businesses like yours are dragging their feet when it comes to EMV compliance. Chip cards, as consumers typically refer to them, are now the standard for secure payments. They help reduce fraud, and give your customers an added layer […]

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Two Things Growing: Smart Card Use, and Retailer Resistance

Fall is usually viewed as harvest season, where the crops grown over summer are brought in and stored for winter. Some things still grow in the fall, though: artichokes, for example. Cranberries and pumpkins. In the payment news cycle this week, comes word of some additional growth: Namely that of “smart cards.” notes that […]

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September of Our Year: Jobs Better, EMV Chugs Along

In theory, the days after Labor Day mark the beginning of “Fall.” In cooler climes, the unspoken rule about putting white clothing away until next Memorial Day may even apply. Here at AVPS Central, where we’re looking at temperatures in the mid-80’s for the next few weeks, we don’t worry about shorts, espadrilles, or crisp […]

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Study: Fraud Up Over 100% Since Last Labor Day

According to the latest AAA survey, “cheap gas prices are expected to boost Labor Day weekend travel as revelers pursue a last blast of summer fun before autumn weather begins. About 55 percent of Americans say they’re more likely to take a road trip this year due to lower gas prices.” While we’re not sure […]

The Breach Days of August

The Breach Days of August

Here we are, finishing summer in what should be the languor of the dog days, and yet news of more breaches — or at least potential “cracks” in technology that we’d assumed was safer — is insinuating itself in the headlines. The first of these involves our friend the EMV chip, which we keep suggesting […]

Stealing Payment Card Data “Dead Easy;” “Quickchip” Comes to NorCal

Stealing Payment Card Data “Dead Easy;” “Quickchip” Comes to NorCal

It’s a yin/yang, up-and-down week in payment and security news. Though to be sure, the downside hasn’t been “overly” down, in terms of major breaches or security hacks (though if you have a Yahoo account, you may want to consider changing the password — again). The sobering side of the news comes from PC World […]