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The Latest Retail Trend

How Personal Shopping and Curbside Pickup is Changing the Game In the past year, several national retailers, specifically grocery stores, have adopted a new model of personalized shopping and curbside pickup for their customers. Basically, consumers compile their orders online or through an app, and when they arrive at the location, an associate brings the […]

mobile credit card processing

How Your Small Business Can Benefit By Adding Mobile Processing

In the past, the AVPS team has talked about how mobile credit card processing has revolutionized innovative small business models. From food trucks to seasonal businesses, mobile processing removes the typical restrictions that keep entrepreneurs chained to traditional brick and mortar storefronts. This week, we want to look beyond even those innovators to the hidden […]


How Mobile Credit Card Processing Can Boost Efficiency

A Mobile Processing Performance Check-up to Help You Launch into 2017 If you’ve been reading the AVPS blog for the past few months, you know that we’re firm believers that mobile processing can boost efficiency. However, we also know how many small business owners feel about change or incurring a new cost. With the busy […]


Impress Your Customers With Innovative Payment Logistics

From Holiday Grinch to Holiday Magic With the holiday season fast approaching, retailers across the nation are gearing up for their busiest season of the year. For newer businesses, the physical logistics of a sudden influx of customers often presents one of the greatest challenges in defining their brands. Come the first week of December, […]

mobile credit card processing

How AVPS Can Help You Take Your Business Concept To Success

Mobile Phone Credit Card Processing Solutions For Your Business Many entrepreneurs are thinking outside of the proverbial box when it comes to launching new businesses. They see just how the cards are stacked against them, and they don’t want to invest all of their capital without a definitive proof of concept. After the recent recession, […]


Do You Use Mobile Phone Credit Card Processing? What You Need to Know Now

Mobile credit card processing has opened up a world of opportunities for mobile-based businesses. In fact, even pop-up roadside stands now have the ability to accept payments. As the world moves away from cash-based transactions, mobile processing allows unique business models to gain and retain their customers by accepting credit card payments. However, with the […]

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East Meets West in Rising Card Use, While Super Bowl Spending Rises, Too

We reported last week that Visa revenue was up in Europe, as more and more people in the EU use cards instead of cash, for their purchases. Which of those EU countries might you guess uses the most cards? Germany? Perhaps the UK, right across the channel from France? According to a report in the […]


Save Space, Go Mobile & Get Paid—Are Phone Credit Card Readers Right for Your Organization?

In both our homes and our offices, lack of space often becomes an issue despite our best organizational efforts. At AVP Solutions, we know that our partners want the best in secure payment solutions, but sometimes, a conventional credit card reader just won’t work. They may not want the physical footprint of a traditional machine, […]


Starting a New Business? Smaller, Mobile Models May Help You Get Started With Less Financial Risk

You have a great idea for a new business, but you just aren’t ready to take the plunge into a full-scale operation. After all, a new business often represents an enormous gamble for a small business owner. How do you know you’re ready? Is there an easier way to test market interest and viability without […]