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As we get ready to transition our website and blog to a new design, one thing has been a constant in the old format, and will — alas — be the same after our makeover: Hacks and data breaches are becoming more common, and are something every business needs to protect itself against.

Related imageIndeed, just this week in the news we find that “a sophisticated hacking group with suspected ties to cybercrime gangs operating in Eastern Europe is now actively targeting and breaching prominent brand-name restaurants in the U.S.,” according to the CyberScoop website.

Chipotle was one of the recent targets, but “the hackers appears to be targeting national restaurant franchises Baja Fresh and Ruby Tuesday, according to malware samples and other evidence CyberScoop obtained. More than 20 U.S.-based hospitality companies — the sector that includes hotels and restaurants — have been successfully hacked by (the) FIN7 (group).”

You may not be a restaurant, but this simply the latest example of an ongoing arsenal that remains arrayed against businesses like yours. What can you do to protect yourself? Well, you can get PCI insurance from AVPS.


PCI Insurance is like basic auto coverage, something you simply must have. Consider this a kind of “collision coverage,” should your business unfortunately “collide” with the very cyber-threat headlines we report on here.

Now you could by this ID theft service at retail prices. But better still, buy it at a fraction of the cost, wholesale from AVPS. Get more cyber tools for your business to protect yourself, all at wholesale.

But  you don’t just get the lowest price: You’re also getting ID theft protection for your business, all your employees, their families, your family, and yourself at wholesales pricing.

For less than the cost of lunch for four at McDonalds.

Sign up now through AVPS! Note this is a limited time offer!

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