Data Breaches Hit “All Time High” — AVPS Announces Countermeasures

All Time High was a good name for a James Bond film theme. But it’s an unwelcome descriptor for a trend in data breaches and hacks. As Insurance Business Magazine reports, “there were 1,093 tracked data breaches in 2016, a new all-time high according to a report from the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) and CyberScout…the previous record was 780, recorded in 2015, making a 40 per cent increase last year. However, the report asks whether it is the number of incidents that has risen or just the reporting of them by states.”

FinTech website Bankless Times adds that “the business sector was once again the most victimized area with 494 incidents representing 45.2 per cent of all breaches. Health care and medical services placed second at 377 beaches (34.5 per cent).

“Hacking, skimming and phishing attacks accounted for more than half of all breaches. CEO spear phishing efforts, aka business email compromise schemes, are the most common type. Due to a 400 per cent rise in such attacks, the IRS issued both consumer and industry alerts on them in 2016.”

AVP Solution’s response to this dramatic rise in data breach events has been to evaluate solutions to protect our company and our clients.  Technological changes are making individuals and businesses increasingly more vulnerable to ID theft and breach events and we cannot afford to ignore the signs of greater threats in the future.  

Thus, AVPS has made the decision to add new security features to our services called SmartIDentity for Business (SID4B).  The package of benefits will provide the tools you need to better protect your business and your employees.

The new service, available for a nominal additional monthly fee, will become available on March 1, 2017. The value proposition inherent in these new services is unparalleled in our industry and gives our clients an ultimate safety net of protection!

What’s included ? Well, Pre-Data Breach Services, such as:

    • Business Internet Credential Monitoring with email and SMS text alerts
    • Information Governance Self-Assessment Questionnaire available for viewing or download
    • Template Information Governance Policy available for viewing or download
    • Data Breach Event Checklist available for viewing or download
    • Quarterly cyber security and information governance training events
    • Quarterly email newsletter with valuable content about cyber security and risk issues
    • Flash email and SMS text alerts concerning immediate and emerging cyber threats
  • Data Breach Response Planning and Notification Service
    • Benefits include Services for up to two (2) Data Breach events per 12 month period
    • Initial assessment to determine compliance and notification requirements based on the circumstances of the event
    • Recommended response plan including timeline and notice content
    • Fully Managed Identity Fraud Research, Remediation and Recovery services for a group of up to 5,000 Affected Consumer per Data Breach event
    • Optional mailing and address management services available at preferred pricing
    • Optional call center services available at preferred pricing

SID4B is a new layer of protection that for many businesses would normally cost thousands of dollars.  AVPS is excited to add SID4B to the core suite of services, thus providing the ultimate safeguard to your company.

A more detailed introduction to the services will be sent by email in the near future. Meanwhile, for the curious — and those desiring protection — contact your AVPS Rep now for more information.

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