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How Personal Shopping and Curbside Pickup is Changing the Game

In the past year, several national retailers, specifically grocery stores, have adopted a new model of personalized shopping and curbside pickup for their customers. Basically, consumers compile their orders online or through an app, and when they arrive at the location, an associate brings the items directly to the customer’s car. This trend has virtually exploded, creating a boost in business and profits for the companies •	mobile phone credit card processingthat embraced this technique. While this seems like an operation that requires a significant amount of technical support and infrastructure, even small businesses can benefit by incorporating a similar concept. Even if your businesses does not have a complex app or website, mobile processing can help you bring more convenience to your customers.

Consumers love convenience and anything that helps them save time in their busy schedules. That is why meal delivery services and store pick-up options have become so popular. You may think that similar techniques would not work with your business model, but AVPS encourages you to think outside of the box.

What if customers could place phone or website orders, then pay for them curbside via mobile phone credit card processing?

The prospect of providing an efficient pick-up service does not need to be complex, and it can be just one more advertising perk for your business. Additionally, because mobile credit card processing is wireless and can seamlessly integrate into your existing payment processing setup, you can implement it almost immediately.

At AVPS, we always encourage our clients use these advances in payment processing as ways to evolve their business models. We always need to be on the lookout for ways to reach new customers, retain current customers, and keep up with the way in which the retail landscape is changing. If you think that mobile processing can help your business grow, we are here to help. To learn more, contact a representative today at 1-800-719-9198!

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