Accept Check By Phone

Check By Phone Merchant Service Benefits

  • No more charge backs and reserve accounts
  • No waiting for mailed checks
  • Next day deposits
  • Online 24/7 Convenience – no waiting in bank lines
  • Offer more payment options for your customers
  • Online payments gateway – no software required
  • Quick and easy setup

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What is Check by Phone?


Businesses that accept multiple forms of payment increase their chances of receiving the payment in a prompt and timely manner. Businesses with check-by-phone services will please their customers, clients, tenants, policyholders and patients that prefer this method of payment.

The process is simple, and the price of the transaction is half the price of a credit card transaction. Coupled with check verification services, the business’s costs are reduced significantly. Most transactions clear in as little as 24 hours.

How To

Businesses with check-by-phone may receive payment via an inbound or outbound call. Nearly any industry may use check-by-phone services to improve their business transactions. Law firms, Doctors Offices, Shipping Companies, Telemarketing companies, Sales, Collections, Credit Counseling Services, Insurance Agents, Dating Services, MLM and multiple other industries may benefit from the use of check-by-phone services.

During the conversation, agents will ask customers to provide information such as:

  • Customer’s Name or Company Name
  • Customer Address on the Check
  • The Nine Digit Routing Number (|: 123456789|:)
  • The Account Number (|: 123456789|:)
  • The Agreed Upon Amount

Benefits of Check-By-Phone

Primary benefits of check-by-phone include:

  • Charge back risks are decreased.
  • Fewer regulations to complete the process.
  • No more “CHECKS IN THE MAIL”

Credit card transactions must be recorded by law. However, the N.A.C.H.A does not govern check drafting. Therefore, businesses are not required to record the conversation. Phone checks only require a verbal authorization from the customer.

Businesses who do not record conversations may keep copious notes on the transaction in the NOTES section of the payment processing portal. This provides evidence of the transaction should there be any customer concerns or disputes in the future.

Check-by-phone also has built-in routing number validation.

This will eliminate problems associated with transposing a routing number or account number over the phone. The validation script will alert the customer service agent if the routing number is completely wrong.

  • Check-by-phone is half the cost of accepting credit cards.
  • Charge back risks are decreased.
  • Labor costs associated with physical check processing decreased.
  • Businesses access funds faster. This eliminates the need for waiting for the check to arrive in the mail.
  • Numerous payment options increase competitive advantage.
  • Check-by-phone welcomes non-credit card holding customers.
  • Check-by-phone eliminates costs associated with processing mail.

Check-by-Phone Pro’s Payment Gateway

This convenient feature allows customer service agents to enter the information into a field on the main screen of the Check-by-Phone Payment Gateway software. The information is then duplicated in the related fields on subsequent pages. This reduces the typing time of the agent and eliminates human error. Agents will simply follow the prompts as they are displayed on the screen. The agent will be prompted to ask the customer pertinent questions to complete the transaction.


Check-by-Phone will allow businesses the flexibility of accepting checks by phone, checks by fax and checks online. Check-by-phone is preferred, because agents or sales people increase their likelihood of making an impulse sale, receive immediate payments or collections or receive payments from non-credit or bad-credit customers.

Businesses do not have any special tasks to complete after receiving the check. They must simply wait for the funds to deposit within 24 hours. Credit processing requires more work than check-by-phone.

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