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AVPS maintains one of the highest levels of customer satisfaction in the industry. Along with very competitive rates, our ability to approve your account for processing is second to none.

  • Merchant accounts generally approved in two days or less
  • Cutting-edge electronic processing products and services
  • Accept transactions in a safer, more secure and more profitable environment


Getting Started

Accept Credit Cards Today

Expand your revenue-generating opportunities by setting up an AVPS merchant account to accept credit cards, PIN-secured and signature debit cards, checks, stored-value cards, gift cards and smart cards from customers. You can rest assured that:

  • We will work with you, our valued customer and use our technology, experience and resources to deliver tailored payment solutions to fit your business today
  • We give you the ability to accept transactions in a safer, more secure and more profitable environment
  • Our experienced independent agents will work closely with you to deliver best-in-class business solutions

Accepting Credits Cards Is an Easy Process

Step 1: Decide on a strategy™Whether or not you choose to accept only credit cards or virtually every noncash transaction, including PIN-secured and signature debit cards, gift cards, check guarantee or electronic check processing, AVPS will help your company recognize new revenue through its increased payment options.

Step 2: Create a merchant account™Creating an AVPS account is quick and easy. Complete a merchant application and, barring any discrepancies, most retail accounts are approved within 48 hours.

Step 3: Choose the best product™Our products are designed to suit all your payment processing needs, ranging from traditional terminals, PIN pads and printers to wireless, hand held terminals.

AVPS believes in the promise that honesty and compassionate customer interaction create a long lasting a valuable business relationship. As a customer of AVPS we offer our merchants some of the most competitive business solutions in the marketplace.

  • Merchants have access to customer service 24/7
  • With offices/agents nationwide, AVPS can serve merchants’ needs on a local level
  • We help merchants increase their business efficiency with faster processing capabilities
  • AVPS offers highly advanced fraud protection services

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